Keeler loupes

The secret of great optics is simple: top quality, anti-reflective, coated Schott glass combined with a rigid and consistent approach to the lens grinding and polishing process.

Keeler manufactures optical devices in the UK more than 90 years. Laser aligned optics to provide an optimal ratio of working distance, field of view and magnification.

Regardless of whether you have a lot of experience in practice or at the very beginning, Keeler loupes will be valuable and cost-effective investment for your career.

Standard loupes

Overall performances for wide use.
Wide field of view.
Three lens system.

For general applications STANDARD offers carefully selected mix of comfort, image quality and size of working field. All in all – very successful All Round Product.

standardne lupe

lupe visoke rezolucije optix

Hi-Res loupes

Very high image quality.
Large field of view.

Optical system with four lenses, high refractive index which ensures that Hi-Res loupes have superior image quality with larger field of view compared to a STANDARD Keeler magnifying glass of the same magnification (3.0x). In addition to these performances, what points them out even more are its exceptional appearances.

Prismatic loupes

Magnification up to 5.5x.
High resolution at each point of the visual field.
Prismatic inverted system.

Achieving simultaneous high magnification and image quality, throughout the field of view on the required working distance is possible only by using sophisticated optical system lenses and prisms.

prizmaticne lupe

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