Prosthetic Lenses

Soleko SL-43

High-quality soft contact lenses for prosthetic use

Color Prosthetic soft contact lenses Soleko SL-43 are prescribed to improve the appearance and camouflage in the best possible way defects of the eye – inherent defects or deformations caused by trauma or disease. 

If for certain diseases and injuries the eye does not function properly, Prosthetic lenses may
be designed to block excess light to reach the back segment of the eye which reduces glare and
increases comfort.

In order to best determine the color tone, ophthalmologist/optometrist can compare the color of the healthy eye with lenses in trial set consisting of 9 soft lenses which is designed to cover most of standard colors or You can order specially hand-dyed lens where the nuances are almost limitless. In this case, You are required to send us images of healthy and diseased patient’s eye.

Soleko SL-43 color prosthetic contact lenses are available with or without black pupil and
as a transparent lens only with a black pupil.

For some delicate eye traumas or diseases we recommend Soleko SL-43 with a OPAK coating which prevents the natural iris to come to the fore and and lowers transmission of light. Soleko SL-43 Prosthetic color contact lens with OPAK coating requires special eye-care solution for cleaning and storage. 
Use of any commercial products containing EDTA (component used in solutions for cleaning contact lenses and artificial tears / moisture drops) is not recommended. These lenses are to be cleaned by a special buffer saline; For wetting Your eyes sterile saline is recommended.

Prosthetic lenses

Soleko SL-43 prosthetic trial set contains 11 soft contact lenses in following colors:

          1) Choco
          2) Light green-brown
          3) Dark green-brown
          4) Light brown
          5) Dark brown
          6) Dark green
          7) Ocean blue
          8) Dark green-brown with OPAK coating
          9) Dark brown  with OPAK coating
          10) Black pupil 4mm
          11) Black pupil 5mm